Britannia Engineering Consultancy Limited (BECL) has supplied over 400 diverless connectors to the Offshore Industry in UKCS, Malaysia, Caspian, Middle East, Norway, Indian Ocean and Canada. We offer a comprehensive range of Subsea Structural Connector types. Our ‘pile and forget’ Spring-lok connector is the industry leading self activating diverless pile connector.

Avoiding the costs and complexities of alternative methods, our simple carbon steel mechanical joints have been produced in sizes from 4 inch to 42 inch diameter. The units are available in diverless self activated, remote activated , ROV and diver-assisted formats with proven capacities ranging from 5Te to 5000 Te. Our products are field proven, reliable Lloyds approved designs that cover the widest range of subsea connector applications.

Our ROV operated C-Lok connector provides resistance in all 6 degrees of freedom whilst uniquely offering unlocking and locking facility permitting equipment recovery and redeployment.

420 diverless connectors supplied to the Offshore Industry

Primarily used for pile connections BECL have supplied robust connectors for the widest range of foundation loads and   soil conditions (clays from 5 kPa to 700 kPa, silts, gravels, fine /coarse sands and cobbles) in water depths from 30m to 1500m. The devices are unaffected by water depth  and may be used in combinations with structure levelling and releasable options.

For guidance on the selection of the most suitable connector see the Connector Selection Flowsheet or call BECL to discuss  particular requirements.