Over 400 BECL Diverless Connectors have been engineered and supplied by BECL for more than 50 projects.

Pile Sizes 14 inch to 96 inch – LRS Approved – may be extended on application.
Capacity 50 Te to 5000 Te,
Water Depth  no limit

UKCS, Norway, Middle East, Caspian, Far East,  N America

Project List

BECL have supplied diverless connectors for over 50 projects including:

2000: Shell Malampaya deepwater PLES Structures as a contingency measure for settlement control. Water depth 850m.
2001: BP Magnus EOR PLEM and Riser Bridge
2002: BP ETAPS Madoes Manifold
2003: Husky Oil White Rose Manifolds
2004: BP Endeavour Hot Tap structure
2004: Mobil Exxon Arthur Manifold
2004: Statoil South Pars PLEM structure
2004/2005/2006: BP Shah Deniz project. Nine heavy duty connector’s with multiple teeth springheads used to secure the TPG500 to the three 30m diameter suction cans. The 42 inch units were load tested to in excess of 5000 Te.
2006: Shell Tampen Hot Tap structure
2007: Shell Curlew D Manifold
2007: Nexen Ettrick Manifold
2007: Nexen Ettrick PLEM
2007: Shell Starling Manifold
2008: Husky Energy’s North Amethyst Manifolds
2008: KGD6 Reliance Project 1200 m water depth (34 units)
2009: Encana Deep Panuke WHPSs
2009: Shell Bardolino Manifold & Valve Protection Structures
2010: Shell Pierce A11 Manifold
2010: BP Devenick Manifold
2011: Dana Medway WHPS & WYE Manifolds
2011: Nexen Blackbird Manifold
2012: Shell Pierce C1 WHPS
2012: EnQuest Alma Galia Manifold
2012: Shell Carrack EW Manifold
2012: Ithaca NDC & MDC structures
2012: Husky White Rose GIE structures
2013: Shell Gannet F Manifold
2013: Shell Fram structure
2013: GDF Suez Cygnus structures
2013: BG Norge’s Knarr structures
2013: Husky White Rose GIE II structures
2013: FMC ExxonMobil Hibernia Southern Extension Manifold Monopile Connectors
2014: FMC ExxonMobil Hibernia Southern Extension Manifold Monopile Protector Caps
2014: FMC ExxonMobil Hibernia Southern Extension Manifold Monopile Connectors
2014: Talisman/Sinopec Montrose BLP Shaw structure
2014: Maersk Flyndre and Cawdor Manifold structures
2014: BP Shah Deniz II Multiple SSIV and Anchor structures (66 units)
2014: Premier Oil Catcher Drilling Manifold structures (24 units)
2014: Marathon West Brae Extension Manifold structure
2015: Premier Oil Catcher PLEM
2016: Repsol Sinopec Montrose BLP Project Manifold
2017: Ithaca Harrier Manifold
2017: HSM Offshore Shell Clipper Crossover Manifold
2017: Shell Gannet E structure
2018: Premier Oil Catcher Drilling Manifold structures
2018: Shell Gannet GEP structure
2019: ConocoPhillips Callanish Manifold
2019: Zennor Finlaggan Manifold
2020: Spring-lokä Compact incorporated into Shell Arran Manifolds (12 units)
2020: Hurricane GWA Manifold
2020: Chrysaor Talbot Manifold
2020: Saipem Riser Support monopole Clamp BP Chirag